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We are able to process NHS and private prescriptions from any prescriber in the UK ready for the patient to collect. We mainly work with NHS doctors’ surgeries in Brentford and surrounding areas. We regularly collect from the local Brentford Health Centre, which includes the following GP surgeries:

Brentford Group Practice

The Albany Practice

Brentford Family Practice

If you are a patient that would like to collect your prescriptions at our pharmacy, the simplest way is to fill our consent form online. Alternatively, you can either call us to nominate our pharmacy, come in-store to complete our consent form or inform your GP surgery that you would like to nominate Brent Pharmacy to receive your prescriptions going forward.
Ordering Prescriptions
There are three ways to request your medication from the GP surgery:
  1. Using the ordering system on your GP surgery website (most efficient option).
  2. Send an email to your GP surgery and include your name, date of birth, and medication you need.
  3. Tick items you need on your repeat slip and take it by hand to the GP surgery.

Please be aware that requesting your medication using the ordering system on your GP surgery website is the most efficient way to obtaining your prescription from the GP surgery and subsequently your medication from the pharmacy.

Please request your medication when you have one week left of medication. Please allow two to three working days for the GP surgery and pharmacy to process your medication request.
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Superintendent Pharmacist: Matthew Shamoon
Pharmacist GPhC Reg: 2066969
Premises GPhC Reg: 1034837
Registered with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)