Champix is prescription treatment, with the highest success rate of all treatments available to smokers quit for good.

Champix works by blocking the effect of nicotine in your body.

If you start taking Champix you must initially start by taking one 0.5mg tablet daily for 3 days, then one 0.5mg tablet for a further 4 days. Then you should continue treatment with one 1mg tablet twice daily thereafter.

At Brent Pharmacy we offer a discreet online prescription service, with free delivery at competitive online prices.

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Product Price
Starter Pack - 25 tablets (2 weeks) £45.00
Starter Pack - 53 tablets (4 weeks) £90.00
Continuation Pack - 28 tablets (2 weeks) £45.00
Continuation Pack - 56 tablets (4 weeks) £90.00
Full 12 week course £250.00

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