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Take control of hair loss today - don't let it affect your confidence.

It is normal for everybody to lose between 50 and 100 hairs per day without even noticing, but whilst this hair will return, some types of hair loss are permanent.

Pattern baldness is a type of permanent hair loss, affecting more than half of men over 50, who experience thinning hair on the scalp, receding hairline and/or balding.

Early signs of male pattern baldness can start at around the age of 25 to 35 and over the years the hair loss becomes progressively worse. It generally runs in families and can be upsetting.

About Propecia

Propecia is the common and effective brand of treatment for hair loss caused by male pattern baldness. Propecia and its generic versions are the only oral prescription drugs approved for treatment of male-pattern baldness. 

Prescription hair loss treatment reduces the levels of this hormone in the body in order to reverse balding. It reduces hair loss or causes re growth in 9 out of 10 men.

Propecia takes approximately 12 weeks to show results and is taken daily as a whole tablet, not crushed or broken. Propecia will not work faster or better if you take more than 1 tablet a day.

How does Propecia work?

Most men who suffer from male pattern hair loss are hypersensitive to a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which can damage hair follicles and cause hair loss.

The active ingredient in Propecia (Finasteride) blocks the action of an enzyme that converts the male hormone testosterone into DHT. By reducing the amount of DHT affecting follicles in the scalp, Propecia helps to halt hair loss and, in some cases, reverse it.

Propecia only stimulates hair growth on the head and will not cause hair to grow elsewhere on the body.

How effective is Propecia?

Propecia is most effective in men with mild to moderate hair loss on the top of their head caused by male pattern baldness. Propecia works to halt hair loss and stimulate new hair growth, so hair may appear thicker with regrowth. 

Within 24 hours of taking a dose of Propecia, the concentration of DHT drops by 65 percent.

The full effects of daily Propecia use can take three months or more to appear, where you might be able to see that your hairline has not receded further or perhaps some regrowth in zones you had previously lost hair. 

There is little evidence that it is effective in reversing a receding hairline. The active ingredient (Finasteride) has been shown to be effective in preventing hair loss in men in 90% of cases.

In some cases, men experience hair regrowth. Studies have found that 66% patients who took Propecia has hair growth after two years, 33% had no further hair loss and only 1% of patients showed further hair loss.

If you stop taking Propecia, your hair loss will return, as Propecia Finasteride needs to be taken long term.

How we can help at Brent Pharmacy

Get prescribed treatment effective in 9/10 men, discreet to your door.

To purchase Propecia from Brent Pharmacy, simply fill out the online consultation. If the treatment is suitable, medications will be prescribed and posted to you. Propecia is a prescription-only medication, so you can only get it if you have a prescription. 

Side Effects

Side effects of Propecia are uncommon and usually mild. Sometimes Propecia can cause a rash, reduced sex drive/decreased libido, low mood, erection problems or tenderness on or around the nipples.

Very rarely, sexual side effects can be permanent and remain after
stopping the medication. Taking Propecia may slightly increase your risk of erectile dysfunction, with around 1 in 100 men affected, but this, like other significant side effects will be highlighted to you.

According to the final analysis of the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial (PCPT), Finasteride (Propecia), is an agent commonly used to treat lower urinary tract problems and baldness in men, was also safe and effective in reducing the risk of prostate cancer.

Cases of male breast cancer have been reported during post-marketing use of Propecia with Finasteride treatment. Patients are advised to promptly report to their doctor any changes in their breast tissue such as lumps, pain, or nipple discharge.

Propecia (finasteride) is part of a class of drugs known as 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors (5-ARIs). It is approved only for use in men because it can cause ambiguous genitalia in developing male foetuses.

For full information on side effects and correct use, see the patient information leaflet. If any side effects concern you, contact us. As with all medications, talk to your doctor to seek medical advice if you suffer allergic reactions.

Is Propecia safe long term?

It is safe to continue taking Propecia over long periods of time. There are no 12 months side effects of Propecia. All medications have an expiry date. Make sure you don’t use treatment after the expiry date. 

Propecia drug interactions

You should be able to take Propecia alongside other medicines. However, it is important that you let us know which prescription, over the-counter medicines and recreational drugs you are taking so that we can prescribe Propecia safely.

Generic or branded treatments?

Some treatments contain the same active ingredient but are sold under different names. If the active ingredient and the dosage are the same, the treatments will have the same effect and work in the same way.
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